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By His Grace We Blog

Carmen Brown - Marriedbyhisgrace
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By His Grace We Blog

The Perfect Resource for the Christian Blogger

What if I told you, you are not alone when wanting to create a blog that allows you to be you but also glorifies God to the fullest? 

But how do we do that...?

This book is made to walk you through step by step to start a blog. From the very beginning you will learn what we need to do to establish ourselves as a Christian Writer. 

By His Grace We Blog eBook was made after many hours of learning every step I possibly could, frustration of not knowing how to build as an established blogger, and from moments of wanting to give up but choosing to endure and learn instead.  

I chose to keep my blog, Married By His Grace as a priority. It was too great of a God given task to give up on.  And I’m guessing your blog is too great to give up on also.

Especially, after reading a statistic that over 60% bloggers fail within their first year I decided to take my vision and passion all the way.  

I started to get serious about blogging even though I had no idea of: 

-What to do before launching the blog, and how these steps would establish my blog

-How to use Pinterest for the benefit of blogging

-That there are several ways to monetize from blogging, but which were best for me

-The benefits of Networking 

- The importance of Branding

- and so much more!


This book is for the person who wants to start the blog with a Christian based niche.

-We will talk about seeking God for His leading in blogging

-Cultivating your blog into a ministry

-How to identify and create your niche.

-How to create a brand, monetize, and use social media for your blog. And...

-How to network with other Christian Bloggers.

- and many other topics that will help you grow in your calling as a Christian based writer. 

I want this!

Encouragement and direction on starting your faith filled blog.

Starting a Christian Blog Resource
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